3D duck model for A Little Lovely Company

News / 06 April 2018

For a while now I've been sculpting 3D models for A Little Lovely Company products, such as these cute little Duck lights.

A Little Lovely Company provides character sketches, and my usual workflow is creating a base model in Blender 3D, then I head over to ZBrush for detailing.

Due to confidentiality, I can't show renderings of my 3D model, but the final product turned out to be satisfyingly close to it. I'm very proud of the result, and holding a physical version of your digital sculptures is a magical feeling, especially if it lights up. But even cooler is knowing that thousands of children across the world will fall asleep next to my illuminated sculpture, and that it will become a childhood memory.

The photos were shot by my wife Natasja. Check out her website dedicated to cuteness: Kao-Ani.

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