Don't mess with the Pika ☝

General / 15 April 2021

Don't mess with the Pika ☝

Based on a drawing by Leonard Furuberg.


#pikachu #pokemon #cartoon #character #design #3d #blender3d #b3d #illustration #illustrator

Donald! 🦆😃

General / 03 April 2021

Donald! 🦆😃

Created using Blender, rendered using LuxCoreRender.

Based on a sketch by Mark Christiansen.

Hope you like him! 😊

Monster Under The Bed

General / 08 March 2021

As a part-time Technical Artist for the Blender Foundation, I created a scene to showcase a new implementation of the Random Walk Sub-Surface Scattering method.

The scene can be downloaded from the official Blender Demo Files page, and was based on concept art by Blake Stevenson.


Old paper sketches

General / 03 March 2021

In a past life I used to sketch with pencil on paper. Haven't done that in ages. I prefer working digitally, for more control over the result.

This is a compilation of frames from old pencil-on-paper storyboard sketches for game cinematics.

Shocked, retro cartoon style illustration

General / 13 February 2021

Shocked, retro cartoon style illustration. 🙂


Stylized graphic illustrations

General / 09 February 2021

Whenever I get the chance I love to take a break from 3D work and get back to the 2D canvas. I've been experimenting with minimalistic graphic illustration style variations. Below are some examples, hope you like it.

Imminent impact 😱

General / 10 January 2021

Imminent impact, 3D artwork.

Created in Blender, rendered using the Cycles renderer.

Concept: Sébastien Le Divenah.


#octopus #beachball #beach #ball #squid #sandcastle #sand #castle #blender #blender3d #b3d #3d #illustration #illustrator