Skull collector — vector artwork

Making Of / 12 January 2018

People who've seen my work often have the preconception that I'm solely creating 3D artwork, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love to create 2D character designs and artwork as well. In fact, when I was a young bloke I started my career as a 2D pixel artist for 16-bit games (Commodore Amiga, MS-DOS and Windows). Hence my fondness of low-resolution pixel artwork, which I regard as a distinctive form of graphic design, simplifying shapes and colors to the pure essence.

When I create vector artwork, I try to translate the iconic characteristics of low-res pixel art to vector shapes. My workflow for this is to start by sketching the image as actual pixel art.

Then I enlarge the pixel art and trace the shapes in Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer doesn't contain an automatic bitmap to vector conversion tool at the time I write this though (I'm using version 1.6), in case you're looking for that. Up to now I haven't found a really effective low-res pixel art to vector conversion tool, and I hope the AI / machine learning revolution will soon change that.

After creating the vector version, I like to add a little soul to the sterile geometric shapes by post-processing the artwork in an image editor, adjusting colors, adding noise, etcetera. Below you can view the final result.

If you really like this demonic skull collector, it's available as a print on all kinds of items in my Society6 store, alongside many of my other images.

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